Lema Trading Calendar for 2021

Once again, Lema Trading overjoy its clients and partners with an original company calendar.
This year in the calendar we present to you telecommunication equipment, adopted in Signal Corps units and subunits of the Bulgarian Army.
The beginning was in September 1878 when a telegraph platoon was formed as part of a sapper company in the Bulgarian army. In June 1885 an independent telegraph company was established, which was the first combat Signal Corps unit. During the Balkan War, in November 1912, Bulgarian radio operators entered world history as the first to use radio communication for radio intelligence and radio jamming operations.
The calendar shows exhibits from Museum of Communication Equipment in Communication unit 28860 Gorna Malina, as well as pictures from Archive of Bulgarian Ministry of Defence. Lema Trading expresses its gratitude for the assistance of the Commander of Bulgarian Joint Forces Command Lieutenant General Lyubcho Todorov and the Commander of Mobile CIS Colonel Orlin Garkov.

The photographer of the exhibits photos is Wilhelm Yotzov.

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