Physical Security Systems at Bezmer Airport

Lema Trading executes an order for Ministry of Defence of Republic of Bulgaria, related to the implementation of Physical Security Systems at Bezmer Airport. The task of the Lema Trading’s specialists is to design and implement the following systems:

    • Security Alarm System
    • Access Control System
    • Video Surveillance System
    • Fire Alarm System and Power Supply to all of the systems

Lightning Protection System for Mondelez Bulgaria Ltd.

A team of Lema Trading’s specialists implemented a Lightning Protection System at the factory for chocolate products of Mondelez Bulgaria Ltd. in Svoge city. A Lightning Protection System with Early Streamer Emission Air Terminal of the Greek company ELEMKO S.A. was installed at the site. The products manufactured by ELEMKO S.A. are of high quality and comply with the necessary European and international standards. The air Termination Rod is “CIRRUS I” with triggered time of 25 μs. The mast of CIRRUS I is made of a hardened steel, which is easy to install and has minimal wind resistance.

Lightning Protection System for CNSys PLC

Lema Trading Ltd. completed a Lightning Protection at the office building of the CNSys Company on 44-46 “Lerin” Str. The Lema Trading’s experts had used products of the Greek company ELEMKO S.A. The air Termination Rod which was used for the Lightning Protection was CIRRUS II with triggered time of 45 µs. The mast of the air Termination Rod is made of a hardened steel which provides a longer life in the corrosive atmosphere. Due to the specificity of the site, a special LCCC cable (Lightning Current Control Cable) 50mm² was used, designed for implementation of signal-trigger systems.

Lightning Protection System in Bistritsa village

Lema Trading successfully completed a conventional Lightning Protection installation for a residential building in Bistritsa village. The following activities were made during the construction process:
    • 2 pcs. Earthing centers
    • 2 pcs. Current drives
    • Lightning Protection System on the roof of the building

Satellite antennas for Vivacom - 2018

LEMA TRADING Ltd. executed successful order of BTC EAD (Vivacom) about preparation of a detailed design, construction and installation of materials related to the installation and commissioning of 2 pcs. of satellite antennas.

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