The new technical standard helps harmonize legislation across the industry by creating consistent hazard classifications, performance testing, and service and maintenance guidelines. The standard moves the restaurant industry toward more effective commercial kitchen fire protection, helping to safeguard valued people, property, and business.

Lightning… Do’s & Don’ts

People have often found themselves outdoors during a thunderstorm and they have spontaneously sought protection under isolated trees with the wrong impression that they will be safe there.
Other times, while being indoors, people stood next to the window in order to admire the bright patterns of lightning in the sky. This indicates a lack of knowledge that could even cost lives.
Here is some simple guidance that will help to reduce or even remove the danger that lightning presents.

EUTELSAT 65 West A satellite is fully powered up and ready for service

Paris, 2 May 2016 – Eutelsat Communications (NYSE Euronext Paris: ETL) announces that its EUTELSAT 65 West A satellite, launched on 9 March, is now fully powered up and ready for service across Brazil and Latin America. The satellite inaugurates Eutelsat’s presence at the 65° West position, a premier location for broadcasting in Brazil.

Do you need an Access Control System?

Each one of us uses door locks and keys to ensure the security of our homes. Most probably, at least once, every one of you has happened to lose the key of his home, or to be stolen. Along with the cost of replacement of a new door lock or key, comes the disadvantage and loss of time. How to enjoy your vacation without worrying about your property and how to avoid the fear of theft?

How close are you to danger?

To avoid finding yourself in great danger, especially if you are an athlete, mountaineer, fisherman, farmer, etc., or you are otherwise often outdoors, please find out the weather conditions beforehand. That is particularly important if you will be in an area where it could be difficult to find protection in case of a thunderstorm. Never underestimate the weather or any other natural phenomenon indeed.