The professionalism of the team is the secret of successful projects.

Video surveillance systems for Semmelrock Stein+Design

Semmelrock Stein+Design is a company offering concrete slabs, pavements, curbs and decorative elements. The qualified specialists of Lema Trading Ltd. have implemented a complete video surveillance system for administrative and production base adjusted to the needs of Semmelrock Stein+Design.

Physical Security System for Armaco JSC

Armaco JSC is a company with long-standing experience in the field of defense industry. The activity of the company spreads to all major markets of military products around the world. Lema Trading completed a contract for design of a Physical Security System for factory for production of machine parts, units and elements containing an

Project for the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy (MLSP)

The contract between Lema Trading and the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, whose design and construction was carried out on the territory of Botevgrad Municipality and in the administrative building of MLSP located on Triaditza Str. in Sofia city was completed successful. The subject of the contract was “Design and implementation of technical

Bulgarian Telecommunications Company EAD (VIVACOM)

Design and supply of equipment for installation and commissioning of three satellite antennas at the site of teleport “Plana”: 3,8m offset satellite antenna Prodelin, 4,5m satellite parabolic antenna Ellite and 3,7m Andrew antenna.

Sofia Tech Park Ltd

Design, implementation of equipment, delivery and installation of specialized equipment and systems with enhanced security for the needs of laboratory for cybersecurity for the project “Science and Technology Park“

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