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Construction of a Reserve Data Center for е-Government under contract with State е-Government Agency (SEGA)

The implementation of the project is under a public procurement contract with the object "Construction of a Reserve Data Center for e-Government" for the needs of the State e-Government Agency (SEGA). The project concerns:

• design and construction of the engineering infrastructure of the Reserve Data Center for е-Government
• design and construction of a cable connection from an existing intercity fiber optical cable line to communication nodes of SEGA and the Ministry of Defence.

The fulfilled design, construction and installation works under project ensure the complete functionality of the necessary infrastructure installations and systems of the Reserve Data Center, as well as its communication connectivity with other sites. 

The server, administrative and technical premises provided at site have been repaired and new reinforced concrete foundations have been built for location of external facilities for cooling, air conditioning and power supply of the site. All needed internal electrical installations have been fulfilled - lighting, power socket outlets, earthing and power supply, including uninterruptible power supply.

In addition, the necessary systems for security alarm, access control, video surveillance, fire detection and fire extinguishing, early water detection, structured cabling, precision air conditioning and ventilation, as well as for monitoring and control of Reserve Data Center technical infrastructure have been installed. Systems Operation Training for the end user service staff has also been provided.

The commissioning Reserve Data Center for е-Government was done on 14th October 2019.